Infinity Ward has confirmed they are developing 2016’s Call of Duty title

2014 introduced a change in how Activision operated it’s Call of Duty franchise, before that point the franchise was developed in a two year rotation meaning one year the game was handled by Treyarch, the next handled by Infinity Ward. 2014 changed this by boosting the games up to a three year development cycle with Sledgehammer games becoming indoctrinated into the Call of Duty fold, this all meant more time for developers to try and get their game right (even if Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is a complete failure). The thing that had fans questioning however was if Infinity Ward would still bring out a brand new Call of Duty this year seeing as it is their year, this is a question that Activision has answered with a confirmation thanks to Infinity Ward themselves.

They shared the following message:

COD 2016. Now it’s official. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been developing!

There is no telling what Infinity Ward has in store for us though Activision has thrown around the word innovative, good news is they did a fantastic job with Call of Duty Ghosts back in 2013 so we should expect something good to come from them.

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