Brand new Pokemon Magiana revealed in Coro-Coro scans

This is a big year for Pokemon, this year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the wonderful franchise and what better way to celebrate then the reveal of a brand new Pokemon. New scans from the latest issue of Coro-Coro reveal the brand new Pokemon Magiana according to the magazine it is supposedly a man-made Pokémon built nearly 500 years ago. It is easy to suggest that this Pokemon will be a steel type, though it would not seem like much of a stretch to presume that this Pokemon will also feature Dual Typing with the additional fairy type. It has a metallic, dress-shaped body and a gear around its head indicating at least one of these types. Magiana appears in CoroCoro as part of a new movie reveal and somehow is involved with Volcanion, many have suggested that this Pokemon could be a new legendary Pokemon but I honestly doubt this. Given past history of the Pokemon franchise and its reveals it can presume that this is a regular Pokemon based on prior movie usage of Lucario and Zoroark before they were officially game revealed, neither of these two Pokemon are legendaries either.

On a positive note this could be the first sign of the seventh generation which could very well be releasing this year, we all know that the Pokemon Company is likely hiding something, we can’t just be left with a Pokemon Tekken crossover and a rubbish mobile game that has no soul. I think we should assume we could hear something in the coming weeks.

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