Japanese Cyberpunk 2077 Team Shows Off Absolutely Enormous Script

CD Projekt RED’s upcoming futuristic open-world title Cyberpunk 2077 has gone gold a full month before its release – meaning that the release version planned to debut November 19 is officially completed, and will presumably be ready to go without any further delays. To celebrate, Yuki Nishio, who served as CD Projekt’s Japanese localization manager and was in charge of Cyberpunk’s Japanese translation, Tweeted a picture of himself with a physical version of the game’s Japanese script.

Fans immediately noticed something rather unique about the Japanese dub script: namely, it’s really big. Four stacks of towering paper, each several feet tall, fill the entire space in front of Nishio – it almost looks as though he is doing his work on a table made entirely out of script pages!

Think things couldn’t get any wilder? Nishio’s Tweet confirms that this isn’t even the full version of the Japanese Cyberpunk script, but rather “just one part”. While he didn’t clarify exactly how much of the script appears in the picture, that’s still a pretty impressive statistic. (Keep in mind that a printed-out version of the English script would probably be even larger, due to the more compact nature of the Japanese Kanji alphabet).

It definitely looks like there will be plenty to do in the sprawling open world of Night City. Whether the script size indicates a wordy main story, a plethora of side quests and optional dialogue, or both is not yet clear, but fans are certainly excited to learn more once the long-anticipated title finally drops next month. Mr. Nishio, we at GameLuster hope you get plenty of rest after finishing that enormous script!

Are you excited or intimidated by the size of the Cyberpunk 2077 script? What are you most looking forward to about the game? Let us know!

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