Jar Jar Binks will appear in Disney Infinity 3.0, sadly is not playable

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks, or mine at least is all set to appear in Disney Infinity 3.0. Within the game Jar Jar will have an appearance as a mission giver within the campaign, and within the toy box will have a starring role as a spawnable townsperson. Sadly though Jar Jar Binks will not be playable at all, much to the dismay of myself and the fans hoping to play as the worlds best Star Wars character Jar Jar.

In reference to Jar Jar Binks while talking to Polygon, vice president of digital business/franchise management at LucasFilm’s interactive division Ada Duan and Disney Interactive’s John Vignocchi had this to say:

“Anything is possible. Once we figured out what we wanted that three-week experience to be, we all dove in and said let’s do Star Wars: A New Hope. Interestingly, in terms of the surveys that came back from all the kids experiences’, they said, ‘Where is Anakin? Where is Darth Maul?’ It was because this generation had grown up with the Clone Wars. They wanted to know where there favorite characters were, where’s Jar Jar? So when we were deciding how much Star Wars should we bring into Infinity, we were like, ‘Please, let’s not only focus on the classic trilogy; we need to bring the Phantom Menace as well, as well as Star Wars Rebels.” – Duan

“I remember when we saw how high he was on the character chart, I was like, ‘This has got to be because people hate him, right?’ I was totally wrong.” – Vignocchi

I don’t know why you would be surprised that people want Jar Jar Binks in the game he is awesome.

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