Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water possibly seeing digital only release in North America

It is exciting news to know that a new Fatal Frame game is making its way out of Japan, which is something we found out weeks ago was happening, however as we get draw closer to a potential release more and more questions are coming up about the game. One of the biggest ones to emerge is the question of whether Fatal Frame:Maiden of Black Water is coming as a digital only release for its North American release, if it does this would be a major disappointment.

The reason has emerged and been drawn into question is because of a listing on Nintendo’s North American website. Fatal Frame was recently added to the American Nintendo website but with it came the real red flag of a potentially bad release. Rather then showing boxart for the game, an eShop listing can be seen for the game suggesting the dreaded digital only release.

It is likely this could be an error, or even be what is going on, either way I am sure we will hear more really soon.


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