Journey and The Unfinished Swan coming to the Playstation 4

The Playstation 3 has had some absolutely amazing games over the years and there are several that probably deemed as must plays and these games are the ones that ordinarily would make people buy a Playstation 3 however these days it does not seem to matter to have missed out on getting a playstation 3. As we know there are several games from the Playstation 3 platform currently arriving on the Playstation 4 and even more in consideration to come such as the Uncharted games but it seems even major releases are not the only things coming to the Playstation 4 as today new games from the Playstation store for the Playstation 3 have been confirmed for arrival on the Playstation 4. One of these games is Journey which is highly regarded as one of the best, most beautiful and most emotionally driven games to ever arrive, it was a journey into the unknown presenting several different interpretations for the many players of the game.

On top of Journey there is also the Unfinished Swan which I have no idea how to describe but I do recall it being a interesting game. Here are some quick details about he upcoming releases.


Out later this year
– Ported by Tricky Pixels
– 1080p
– More details are in the works for future announcement

The Unfinished Swan

– 1080p
– Ported by Armature Studio
– Armature went back to the original art files and regenerated higher resolution versions
– Out on August 20

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