Tearaway coming to the Playstation 4

The Vita certainly isn’t doing well and Sony has pretty much done nothing to really suggest it should be much to play games on, while the technology is interesting and the games certainly have ideas that benefit the platform, Sony continues to seem bent on using the Vita as just a simple extension of the Playstation 4 and as it seems more evident know any of the games that truly seem interesting are worth waiting for to arrive on the Playstation 4. At the end of last year Sony released Tearaway on the Vita and it looked like a very interesting game but not enough to warrant purchasing a Vita for, now during Gamescon Sony has announced that an updated version of Tearaway will be arriving on the Playstation 4. The updated game will be called Tearaway Unfolded. It’s been re-imagined for the big screen, will have new environments, and new ways of interacting. Check out the debut PS4 trailer above.

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