July Playstation Plus games lineup revealed

It the most wonderful time of the month, with free games inbound for all subscribers to Playstation Plus. Those who are after that big AAA game will be sadly disappointed again but there is still a decent array of games that are worth our time and many we can look forward to for something different.

Through this month Playstation 4 owners can look forward to a couple of Playstation 4 only games in the form of Styx: Mast of Shadows and Rocket League, both games look to be quite interesting and should be fun. In cross buy titles two games will be avalible across the Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Vita so anyone can play, these games include the fantastic and well worth your time Entwined which is a great game, and there will also be Mousecraft. Exclusively to the Playstation 3 you will be able to get Rain which is a really interesting game that is different and again worth playing. Finally there is Geometry Wars 3 which will be exclusive to the Playstation Vita.

There is a pretty good lineup this month that I think should keep all Playstation console owners happy.

You can read a review of Entwined here.

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