There will be no Amiibo support within The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes

Amiibo support is a big thing when it comes to Nintendo games lately, it seems just about every game is featuring some kind of support for Amiibo figures which offer both major things for games, or simply minor things. While most of the games Nintendo is working on do feature Amiibo support is some way The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes will not go down the same route and will not feature any kind of Amiibo support.

So why are we not getting Amiibo support in Triforce Heroes? In an interview with IGN director Hiromasa Shikata explained the reasoning, quite simply the answer to why Amiibo support has not been included is all because Triforce Heroes “isn’t a natural fit” for amiibo. Where unlike many other games Nintendo just puts it in there pointlessly Shikata has said “there’s no reason to shoehorn it in”.

Shikata had this to say in full:

“I think it’s really something as simple as this game isn’t a natural fit for it. I think [that’s] because we’re focused on giving players the ability to choose different outfits to impact their experience within the game. We didn’t think amiibo added anything other than what games with it are already doing. There’s no reason to shoehorn it in.”


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