Just Cause Film Adaptation Lands Stuber Director Michael Dowse

Michael Dowse, the director behind 2019’s Stuber and Coffee & Kareem, has been hired for the upcoming Just Cause movie adaptation. Dowse’s other credits include Future Man, Preacher, It’s All Gone Pete Tong, and Man Seeking Woman.

According to Deadline, Dowse will direct the co-production between Constantin Film, with producer Robert Kulzer on the team, as well as Prime Universe’s Adrian Askarieh. The film is to be written by Derek Kolstad, one of the creators behind the John Wick Trilogy.

Martin Moszkowicz from Constantin Film is an executive producer for the adaptation, along with Square Enix. Alex Westmore and Colin Scully (Constantin Film) will also oversee the production. A female co-lead has been added to the film, which according to Deadline, gives “Just Cause Romancing the Stone vibe.”

It appears that the movie adaptation will take direct inspiration from the Just Cause 4, with the game’s lead character, Rico Rodriguez, taking on the Black Hand, a mercenary group with a stronghold of the island of Solis. Other story details are not yet known, but Rico’s iconic wingsuit, grappling hook, and an endless sequence of extravagant explosions to put Michael Bay to shame are undoubtedly on the cards.

Rico travels to Solis to uncover the truth around his father’s death. As well as taking on the Black Hand’s oppressive regime, Rico also looks to take down advanced weather-manipulation technology, helmed by the game’s antagonist Oscar Espinosa. 

Recently, PlayStation Now offered Just Cause 4 as one of their three titles for April, alongside Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Golf Club 2019. While Marvel’s Spider-Man’s run on PS Now ended last week, and The Golf Club 2019 has yet to receive an end date, Just Cause 4 is set to stick around until October 6, 2020.

Just Cause 4 is available to stream on PlayStation 4 and PC and is also downloadable on the PS4.

Meanwhile, following years of development hell and six different directors, actor Tom Holland yesterday posted an image to his Instagram of a chair emblazoned with “Nate” on the set of the Uncharted film adaptation. Holland, best known for his role as Spider-Man in the MCU, will play a young version of Uncharted’s adventurer protagonist Nathan Drake.

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