Kabaret: How To Play Guli

Creepy, atmospheric visual novel Kabaret immerses the player in a world inspired by Southeast Asian folklore. Stepping into the shoes – er, tail – of Jebat, a human cursed into the form of a monster, players must interact with the Kabaret’s various monstrous residents to learn the truth about what the Kabaret truly is and why he has found himself there. While Jebat’s primary job is serving tea to the guests, several will also challenge him to the marble-based game of Guli.

Guli is a game that combines strategy and timing, involving players clearing marbles called Guli from an area while leaving certain special Guli untouched. The monsters of Kabaret will be more impressed with Jebat if he can successfully beat them at Guli – and that’s where this guide comes in! Read on to learn how to become a Guli master in Kabaret.

Basic Rules Of Guli


A game of Guli begins with several colorful marbles, or Guli, scattered inside a circular arena called the Gelanggang. The player’s goal is to use as few shots as possible to clear all the designated Guli from the area. Each game has multiple timed rounds – the number depending on what the monster challenging Jebat feels like – that you must win to be declared the champion. Failing too many shots, running out of time, or shooting the dark purple Guli out of the Gelanggang at any time will cause the player to lose the round immediately.

To take a shot, line up your Pointer and aim your shooter Guli in the desired direction. Generally, you want to aim to knock as many Guli out of the ring as possible in a single shot, while avoiding the dangerous purple Guli. Some rounds may feature obstacles such as sticks, leaves, or rocks surrounding the Gelanggang. These obstacles are solid, and your Guli will change directions when it hits them, so make sure to keep that in mind!


Once you have aimed your shot, a series of button prompts featuring the arrow keys (up, down, left, and right) will appear. You will have only a few seconds (about three) to correctly press as many buttons as possible. The more you get right, the more powerful your shot and the further your Guli will go. In general, you will want to aim for fairly powerful shots, as shooting too softly will result in not knocking any Guli out of the Gelanggang and getting a strike against you in the form of a failed shot.

In addition to the dangerous purple Guli, there is one other special Guli, this one bright orange. Knocking this Guli out of the ring is a good thing, as it will provide you with additional aiming help for your next several shots. While you don’t have to knock out the orange Guli to win a round, you should definitely prioritize doing so!

Guli Tips And Tricks


Although Guli is fairly simply to play, some of the later rounds can get devilishly tricky – after all, not all of the monsters have Jebat’s interest at heart, and some want nothing more than to see him fail. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you become the true Guli champion of the Kabaret in no time!

  • Practice, practice, PRACTICE! – Practice makes perfect, and Raden the lucky spirit offers you an opportunity to practice Guli after he first teaches you the rules. This is the only time you can play Guli without any stakes or risk of something bad happening if you lose, so make sure to play several practice games before you take on a real challenger!
  • Aim for the orange Guli early – The aiming help that the orange Guli provides lasts for several shots, so there is no reason to save it for the end of a round where you can’t get as much use out of it. Instead, aim for this Guli early on to take advantage of its help when you still have several marbles to knock out
  • Use the obstacles to your advantage – The branches, stones, and other obstacles positioned around the Gelanggang might initially seem like just another problem you have to deal with. However, these obstacles can actually benefit you if used right! Hitting an obstacle outside the ring with enough force can bounce your shooter back into the arena, giving you another chance to knock out more marbles before the turn ends.


That’s all you need to know to play Guli against your monstrous opponents in Kabaret! How have you been enjoying this creepy, mythology-rich visual novel? Comment below and let us know!

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