Kirby and the Rainbow Curse controllers and file size

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is set to be released before to long and now thanks to Nintendo’s website it has been revealed what controller options there are for the game, for single players the Wii U Gamepad is a mandatory controller obviously using the touch screen for major parts of the gameplay. For further players the Gamepad is still mandatory for first player though players 2 to 4 will have plenty of controller options, you will be able to use the pro controller, classic controller pro as well as the Wii remote.

The games download size has also been announced with people downloading this game taking up 3.5GB out of there Wii U, meanwhile save files will take up 1.5 MB, and there are also three save files. I can’t wait to finally get an official release date for this game and it is good all the controller options as well as a decent file size, the only concern now is just how much length the game will have.

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