Simon’s 2014 Game of the Year nominees – The Wolf Among Us

Telltale started a major thing in 2013 with their adaptation of the Walking Dead graphic novel series, it presented players with a scripted story but one that made you think about how you would react in this situation. While the game series didn’t really include any references to the source material in terms of characters it did provide an interesting adaptation that was all about morality and emotion.

Telltale tried this idea again with its adaptation of the fables graphic novel to create the Wolf Among Us. It is immediately known from the beginning that this is not the Walking Dead and that this is a completely different adventure, this is a noir adventure one set to dark tones of mystery and murder. It also changes from the emotionally tolling styling’s of the Walking Dead to something that is a lot more serious.

The Wolf Among Us saw many of our most iconic fairy tale characters thrown out of their stories and instead positioned in the real world all kept under control by the likes of Bigby Wolf, or if you haven’t guessed the Big Bad Wolf who acts as Fabletown’s sheriff. Under the control of such a normally bad character this took an interesting turn for the story and often led to seeing how people react to such mostly reformed evil as the Big Bad Wolf. Obviously he is quite universally disliked.

The Wolf Among Us presented us with tough choices and famous characters mixing up iconic fairytale characters with options that can be bad or good. You played as Bigby Wolf the way you wanted, you could be cruel and heartless or you could be likable. The story never reaches the high notes of the Walking Dead, nor does it ever make as difficult choices and its characters are not so easy to attach to, but the Wolf Among Us is memorable and does make great use of its source material. It is a nominee for me this year because it is enjoyable and as episodic adventure I did not want to put it down, there are probably better games but the Wolf Among Us is still one of 2014s best games. Will it win Game of the year from me, well we have to wait and see at the end of January.

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