Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is hitting North America February 13th

For those of you who live in North America you have been partially aware of the release date for the upcoming Wii U Kirby adventure Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for the past week, this has been because of last weeks Nintendo Direct that granted us knowledge with a vague February 2015 release, however we now have an official release date for those of you in North America.

It has been confirmed that Nintendo will be releasing this sequel to the DS title Kirby’s Canvas Curse on February 13th, as it stands though Europe and Australia are yet to have an official release date set for the upcoming game but hopefully we will find something out soon.

However Japan will still be the first to get their hands on the game with it arriving on Japanese shores on January 22nd. Either way with a confirmed release date we know when those in America will be enjoying the game and there are also hints at this also being a budget title with a potential $40 price mark, I will confirm this when possible.

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