Major glitch found in Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric that allows you to skip most of the game

A couple of days ago I reported that the upcoming Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric has a number of issues or bugs within the game that really would need quite a bit of fixing, but at that point I don’t think any of us knew to exactly what scale the bugs would go with only a couple of somewhat major but not completely game breaking issues found.

As we now know there are quite a number of major issues within the game that really could be deemed as game breaking, the problem in question is in a glitch in the game that allows the player to skip most of the game.

To some this glitch could be seen as a good thing for minor reasons but to others this is bad and ruining to the general experience presented by the game.

The glitch mentioned can be utilized through the use of Knuckles double jump ability , which resets after you pause the game. This allows players to skip a good percentage of the game including the final boss. This could be bad and the developers better hurry up and fix it.

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