Kirby Star Allies New Update Adds Dream Friends and More

Kirby Star Allies’  first major update, Version 2.0, adds three new Dream Friends for free, and it is available for download now.

This update includes the nefarious jester Marx, animal friends Rick & Kine & Coo, and  the lovable blob Gooey. Each comes with a unique move set and adds plenty of new possibilities to the existing game.

Marx, the end boss of the SNES title Kirby Super Star, can roll around on his ball and fling it at opponents. He can also fly around and shoot his ball as well as turn into a devastating black hole, laying waste to enemies in his way.

Rick & Kine & Coo, from the Kirby’s Dream Land series, are three Dream Friends in one, allowing the player to switch to any of them. Rick the hamster can blow fire and become a rock ball, while Coo can fly around and be extremely mobile. Kine, a fish, isn’t effective on land but can still flop around; during water segments he becomes particularly useful.

Gooey, also from the Kirby’s Dream Land series, is the last Dream Friend. He uses his tongue to lay waste to opponents. While in the air, he can mimic dark matter and shoot out damaging bolts to take out enemies.

The update also added a new celebration picture. Players can collect puzzle pieces to unlock this. Other gameplay changes were included to enhance the experience. Players will also notice a slightly altered start screen.

Kirby’s Japan Twitter account says there will be more Dream Friends to come, so stay tuned for more.

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