#NotMyPirateLegend – Sea of Thieves’ Latest Controversy

The Sea of Thieves subreddit community members are rattling their sabers over the game’s first “Pirate Legend.” Twitch streamer Prod1gyX is said to have boosted his way to this coveted status, causing many to cry foul.

To become a Pirate Legend, players have to achieve level 50 will all three factions in Sea of Thieves. Rare hinted that they would reward whoever became the first Pirate Legend would become something of a celebrity. In addition to this recognition, players with this title can get access to end-game content.

Prod1gyX supposedly received aid from his fans to get this achievement. In Sea of Thieves, bringing chests, skulls or other items to certain factions will give reputation. The streamer would have others get chests for him or jump into groups with a good haul and have them turned in. The subreddit community is saying this is dishonest and, essentially, cheating.

On one hand, the game is about pirates. Taking advantage of others or the system is part of being a pirate. On the other hand, it is exploiting the game and ruins the idea that a Pirate Legend put a great deal of effort into achieving this sought after title.

“Sounds like world first Pirate Legend is afraid of sailing to earn treasure,” said Reddit user FoxyPhil88. They went on to suggest the phrase #NotMyLegendaryPirate, which the community supported at the time. Now the hashtag #NotMyPirateLegend is being used in conversations across Twitter and Reddit.

Rare is silent so far on this matter, so the legitimacy of Prod1gyX’s title is in question. One thing is for certain: He is the first to receive this title, but whether he is recognized as such officially is yet to be determined.

Correction: A previous version of this article did not mention the more popular hashtag, #NotMyPirateLegend, that has been more widely used.

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