Klei Entertainment has announced their newest game Oxygen Not Included

The developer of Don’t Starve Klei Entertainment has announced their next game as Oxygen Not Included, which was revealed during the E3 PC gaming show.

This new “space-colony simulation game” tasks players with managing their colonists in an effort to create and maintain an asteroid base.

Klei is yet to announced an official release date for their newest game, but has promised to announced more information about it and I quote “down the road”. Amusingly, the game already has a listing on Steam and its release date states “when its ready” which sounds both sarcastic and pretty hilarious. At this time it has been announced for PC exclusively and there is no word on whether Klei Entertainment will bring the games to other platfoms such as console or even mobile. You can see an official E3 teaser for the game below:

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