Kojima, Peele Reveal New Game “OD” At Game Awards

This year The Game Awards, once again, revealed world premiers of upcoming games. Fans were shocked and excited to see a trailer for OD, a new horror game by Kojima Productions; headed by famous game producer Hideo Kojima responsible for previous Game Award winner Death Stranding.

The trailer shows a shot of two people, a young woman and an older man, participating in some sort of experiment. They both repeat the same sentence: “The hungry purple dinosaur eats the kind zingy fox, the jabbering crab, and the mad whale, and started rending and quacking.” While they repeat the sentence, some sort of geometric light pattern reflects in their eyes. The young woman repeats the sentence several times, growing more visibly distressed with each repetition. By the end, she is silent, as she hears footsteps approaching and the door opening in the background. The trailer ends with her screaming in fear. Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier are mentioned to play major roles.

Kojima is asked to speak on what kind of game OD is, referring to the game as “groundbreaking” and “immersive”. He goes on to describe it as “a game, but also a movie,” and “something never seen before.” Kojima’s previous titles have always pushed the boundaries of gaming, and this one will most likely be no different. He didn’t mention any specifics about how the game will play.

Kojima reveals he is collaborating with another visionary for this project—renowned horror movie director Jordan Peele. Peele and Kojima are both fans of the other’s work and wanted to collaborate on a project. Peele says that he and Kojima are both artists who like to maximize audience immersion and that the game will be “completely immersive and utterly terrifying.” Kojima also mentions that they have a few more legendary collaborators for OD, who he calls the “Avengers.” Unfortunately, he said he couldn’t reveal the specifics at this time.

The game is being developed by Kojima’s own studio, with the help of Xbox Game Studio. It will be releasing for Xbox, though no timeframe was given.

You can watch the trailer below here.

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