Last Chance to Grab May Day Rewards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ limited-time May Day event will be coming to an end far sooner than fans hoped. Tomorrow, May 7, will be the last day of the seasonal event, which will then (presumably) not see a rerun until May 2021.

This means that it’s your last chance to grab the limited-time event rewards if you haven’t done so already, head on over to Nook’s Cranny to pick up your exclusive May Day Ticket.

This ticket is good for one free trip from Dodo Airlines. On this one-of-a-kind adventure, you will visit May Day Island, which features a mysterious hedge maze to solve. Chop down stumps, jump over holes, and eat fruit to get strong enough to break obstacles to make it to the end of the maze. If you complete the challenge, Rover the cat will reward you with “Rover’s Briefcase,” a travel-themed furniture item.

You’ll also receive vouchers that can be redeemed for Bells, New Horizons’ in-game currency. More Bells will be rewarded if you make it through the maze more quickly, so make sure to eat lots of fruit, and don’t be afraid to break out your shovel when you need to dig deep.

Tom Nook and his nephews are also selling a limited-time “Thank You, Mom,” mug in their shop to help islanders celebrate Mother’s Day. The mug costs 600 Bells and will be available until May 31.

It is not yet known whether anything special will occur in New Horizons on May 9, which is Mother’s Day. Current speculation hints that players may receive a letter from their in-game mother, possibly accompanied by some homemade treats.

After May Day concludes, the next upcoming event in New Horizons will be International Museum Day, which begins on May 18. This event will star Blathers the owl as he hosts an exciting stamp rally themed around your museum collection.

How have you been enjoying the May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let us know!

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