Source Codes, Demos Revealed in Huge Nintendo Leak

One of the most significant single leaks of classified Nintendo information has recently come to light. The leak, which has been released in several regular installments, was primarily shared via the ResetEra forums. In particular, a user named Atheerios worked to compile all existing information regarding the leak into a single easy-to-access post.

Information released included the full source code, documentation, and design files for the console code-named “Revolution” during its development — none other than the Nintendo Wii. The source of this information is from a group that hacked into the servers of BroadOn, a company that worked with Nintendo on the development of both hardware and software for the Wii.

Critical source code information for previous consoles, including the Nintendo 64 and GameCube, were also leaked. This could lead to significant developments in the field of console emulation. In particular, Wii emulation, which has been a problematic and highly inaccurate process, could take leaps and bounds forward as the information spreads.

Other files included in the leak are demos and debug files for several popular Nintendo titles, including Pokémon Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver.

Nintendo fans have also been able to get their first-ever look at the somewhat oddly titled “Mirror House Cornflakes.” The ROM, which is believed to have been developed by Nintendo to test the features of the Nintendo 64 system, features a blue-haired, hat-clad character navigating through a maze.

A “manual” included with the demo indicates that the character’s name is Flake and that he is a boy who loves cornflakes so much that he traveled to a mysterious, funhouse-inspired castle to retrieve them. Had Nintendo chosen this demo to develop into something else, it’s possible that Flake could have joined the ranks of beloved Nintendo characters alongside the likes of Mario and Link.

As the information contained in this leak has been released gradually over time, it is possible that even more Nintendo trade secrets could be revealed in the future. Who knows what could be next?

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