Breath Of The Wild: Where To Find Tarrey Town Residents

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a vast one, but its population and pockets of civilization are scattered due to Calamity Ganon’s destruction. During his adventures, the hero Link can help a new settlement spring up: Tarrey Town, a small, peaceful outpost in the Akkala region where people of all races can live and work together. Tarrey Town is a popular side quest, and many fans hope that the characters will return in the sequel The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This guide will introduce the different residents that Link can locate around Hyrule and invite to live in Tarrey Town in Breath of the Wild.

How To Start Building Tarrey Town

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In Hateno Village lives a builder called Bolson, who Link can interact with if he wants to purchase and upgrade his very own house. After Link has bought his house, he can learn that Bolson’s son Hudson wants to build his very own town. This unlocks the side quest From the Ground Up, which involves Link helping Hudson reach his goal.

This side quest consists of two parts: bringing Wood to Hudson and finding new residents to move to Tarrey Town. Wood can be found by cutting down trees using weapons or bombs or picking up piles of Wood found near Stables. The steps in the quest are as follows:

  • Give Hudson 10 Wood
  • Find a Goron Resident
  • Give Hudson 20 Wood
  • Find a Gerudo Resident
  • Give Hudson 30 Wood
  • Find a Rito Resident
  • Give Hudson 50 Wood
  • Find a Zora Resident
  • Invite Bolson to see the completed Tarrey Town

Unfortunately, finding residents for Tarrey Town is not as easy as simply asking random people. Due to the rules of the Bolson Construction Company, only characters with names ending in “-son” can be invited to move to the town. Here are all of the residents you can invite to Tarrey Town and where they are located in the world.

Greyson & Pelison, Goron Brothers

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First, Hudson will ask for a Goron to help clear the area and build homes in Tarrey Town. Head to the Southern Mine in the Eldin region and locate a large Goron named Greyson. Greyson feels dissatisfied being a miner, and wants a new job, so he will eagerly move to Tarrey Town alongside his younger brother Pelison, who also fits the naming scheme. After the pair move, Pelison will open a stall that sells various gemstones.

Rhondson, Gerudo Tailor

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When Hudson asks for a Gerudo to move in, head to the Kara Kara Bazaar in the wastelands on the outskirts of Gerudo City. There, you’ll find Rhondson, a Gerudo tailor who laments her inability to find a husband. Simply talk to Rhondson and she will immediately agree to move to Tarrey Town in hopes of meeting a man. There, she’ll open a shop that sells the Desert Voe Armor, and she’ll also achieve her goal – if you finish the entire Tarrey Town side quest, Hudson and Rhondson will get married!

Fyson, Rito Merchant

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Once the Goron and Gerudo residents have moved into Tarrey Town, it’s time to find a Rito to join the settlement. Head over to Rito Village in the Tabantha region and travel to the lowest level of the vertical settlement. There, a blue Rito named Fyson will be sitting on the balcony. Fyson is the son of the General Store owner, and wants to start his own shop away from his mother’s influence. Once he moves to Tarrey Town, the Rito merchant will open a stall selling some crafting materials and various arrows including bomb arrows, shock arrows, and more!

Kapson, Zora Priest

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At this point, Rhondson and Hudson plan to get married, but there is one problem: they need a priest to conduct the ceremony! Head to Zora’s Domain and locate the stairs leading up to King Dorephan’s chamber. An older Zora named Kapson will be standing there. Kapson is a former priest who is happy to move to Tarrey Town and get the chance to officiate one more wedding. (Be careful, as there are other Zora with -son names around the Domain, such as Gaddison, but only Kapson will agree to move to Tarrey Town.) Once he’s moved in, Kapson will offer a free bed for Link to sleep in and restore health and stamina.

Once you’ve found all the residents, head back to Hateno Village and encourage Bolson and his assistant Karson to come see what Hudson has accomplished. At this point, Tarrey Town will be complete and you will get to witness the wedding of Hudson and Rhondson. Hudson will reward you with three Diamonds and Tarrey Town will become a fully active town that you can visit whenever you like. In addition to the merchants mentioned above, Grante the traveling salesman will permanently move into Tarrey Town. In addition, there will be a Goddess Statue you can use to upgrade your health or stamina and several new side quests involving the residents of the town.

Do you enjoy the Tarrey Town side quest? Do you hope to see something similar in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? How do you think Tarrey Town will be doing in the sequel? Comment below and let us know! Plus, make sure to check out GameLuster’s other The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guides to learn how to dye armor, unlock the legendary horse Epona, and more!

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