Breath of The Wild: How To Get Epona

Link, Zelda, and Ganon always steal the spotlight in the Zelda franchise, but Epona deserves just as much of the spotlight as the others. Without a trusty steed, where would Link be in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild or its upcoming sequel Tears of the Kingdom? Probably still toiling away in the fields trying to reach Hyrule Castle! While there are many horses to find and tame in the wilds, the legendary Epona isn’t so easy to encounter.

Unlike a traditional Zelda title where Epona is more or less impossible to miss, you could easily play the entirety of Breath of The Wild without uniting Link with this beautiful mare. She won’t come via a song this time, either, but we’ll show you how to summon her in this guide.

How To Get Epona In Breath of The Wild 

Breath of The Wild Epona

Before you make your preparations and leave your house to track down this stunning steed, there’s one major component you will need to make it happen: an Amiibo, specifically the Link Amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series. Unlike some other Amiibos, thankfully this one isn’t too rare or difficult to track down. At the time of writing, it is available via Amazon for $35. Once you have your Amiibo ready, we can start the process of getting Epona.

Once you’re in the game, using the Link Amiibo for the first time will summon Epona (assuming you are in an area where horses can go). Once she appears, you can freely mount and take control of her without having to tame her. If you are in an area where horses CAN’T go, you will just get items instead – so make sure to avoid this!

As happy as Link must be to have his old friend back, you should make it your first order of business to register her at the nearest stable. Failing to do so will mean that if you leave the game, she will disappear and you will need to wait and repeat the process to summon her again.

Epona has the best stats of any horse in Breath of The Wild, plus starts with a maxed-out bond level with Link as a testament to their decade-spanning partnership. The only thing you can’t do is rename Epona or change her equipment and saddle, but why on earth would you want to?

What do you think about Epona being tied to an Amiibo in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild? Do you want to see her back in Tears of the Kingdom, and if so, should she be somewhere in the world where anyone can find her? Let us know in the comments!

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