Lego Jurassic World details

Following the release of the new trailer for Lego Jurassic World some members of the press were treated to their first proper look at the game by going hands on with a small couple of sections, thanks to this we can now know even more about the game itself thanks to these people with a series of details about the game having been shared. So if you are interested in the game and wish to know more about it you can look at some details below with thanks to IGN and Eurogamer:

– Demo was three short scenes from the first movie
– Characters have their own powers
– Over 100 characters in the game
– Characters are represented via voice clips captured from the films
– First scene: Dr. Ellie Sattler diagnoses a sick dino by delving into its droppings
– Scour the environment for clues and create a cure
– It’s like LEGO Harry Potter’s collect three items to create a recipe formula
– Sam Neil’s Alan Grant can follow dinosaur tracks
– Other characters can dig for buried items, grow plants to form platforms, or brave dark environments
– Another section of the demo: T-Rex attack on the stalled SUVs was recreated as a puzzle sequence Ian Malcom and Dr. Alan Grant had to solve
– The child-abandoning lawyer wasn’t so much eaten as he was tossed into the T-Rex’s mouth where he used a toilet brush to clean the dino’s chompers
– Instead of the scary scene where Malcom seemingly sacrifices himself by distracting the giant creature with a flare, the duo collects a few parts in the area to create a giant bone to capture the T-Rex’s attention
– Lex is freed so she can use her scream ability to break the windows of a locked truck and tow the other overturned vehicle
– Can play as dinosaurs
– T-Rex chase where Jurassic Park’s largest inhabitant trails a Jeep holding Sattler, Harding, and Malcom will be in the game
– Navigate the vehicle away from the T-Rex and towards bigger stud bounties as Harding
– Can switch to Malcom, who tries to toss flares into the creature’s mouth
– Chases will have variety
– 20-stage campaign
– 5 levels from each movie
– Any chase can be recreated with a different creature doing the running and the ability to put some of the series’ smaller dinos in the drivers seat
– Many humans and dinosaurs will show up during the campaign
– Free-play mode
– Customization ability lets you build new prehistoric creatures out of pre-existing parts
– TT Games is building both islands from the Jurassic Park movies (Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna)
– Recreations of all the areas from each film are promised
– You’ll be able to drive around in those classic park-branded cars

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