Rumor: Warner Bros. to release LEGO toys-to-life game this year

Activision started one of the most popular things in the gaming world with the Skylanders franchise, the invention of the toys to life gaming was a stand out in the industry that has attracted a wide variety of people both young and old. Most particularly it is children that have been lured by this idea with Skylanders proving to be one one of the most attractive games to children, whereas Disney Infinity has attracted both Adult and Children audiences. The ideas have continued to grow over the last couple of years and now we may even have another group entering the market.

According to VideoGamer, Warner Brothers Interactive is working on a Lego version of the Toys-to-life game that will release later this year. Travellers Tales is apparently set to release the game later this year alongside a series of compatible Lego figures.

If this is correct we will be seeing three Lego games release this year, this one, Lego Jurassic World, and Lego the Avengers. So look at Skylanders and Disney Infinity there really could be another competitor on the market.

I only hope that they open this game idea up to more then just a single brand and maybe expand the brand into every other Lego game in the future.

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