Lies Of P: How To Beat Parade Master

After reaching Krat Central Station Square in Lies of P, you will encounter the first boss in the game, Parade Master. This massive yet nimble puppet will test your understanding of the game’s combat, and it’s likely that some players will get stuck in this battle. That is why we have made this guide to help you beat the Parade Master!

Lies Of P Parade Master Boss Fight Guide

Although the Parade Master is massive, it has surprisingly quick attacks that can be hard to dodge. I highly recommend using a light weapon, such as a rapier, during this boss battle. If you don’t receive this sword as your starting weapon, you can buy this gear from the merchant outside the boss arena.

The Parade Master has three main attacks: belly flop, charge attack, and sweeping attack. Unless you’re good at deflecting, I suggest avoiding these attacks by dodging sideways.

Lies of P Parade Master Fight

After you reduce the boss health bar to half, the puppet will break off its head and use it as a makeshift mace weapon. Its attack pattern is still similar, but it will use the weapon to increase its attack range.

Generally, you should be able to land two hits on the boss before you need to dodge. I recommend sticking to light attack and avoiding using charged attack since it’ll leave you vulnerable.

Although you may be tempted to stay away, it is best to stay as close to the boss as possible. This will allow you to dodge behind the Parade Master, which lets you land one extra hit.

However, the best tips I can give are to be patient and to understand the boss’ attack pattern. You should avoid being too aggressive since the Parade Master will use that chance to stun you.

Defeating the Parade Master will grant you the Parade Leader’s Ergo and a Quartz. You can use the Parade Leader’s Ergo to obtain 5,000 Ergo or trade it with Alidoro to acquire the Seven-Coil Spring Sword or the Dancing One’s Amulet. On the other hand, you can use the Quartz to upgrade your P-Organ, which will become available in Chapter II after you reunite with Geppetto.

That is the end of our guide on how to beat the Parade Master in Lies of P. Before leaving, consider checking out related articles below this post. You can also head down to the comment section if you have any questions or require more help with the game.

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