Like A Dragon Gaiden: How To Make Money Fast

Money (known in-game as Yen) plays a pivotal role in Like A Dragon Gaiden. It is used for purchasing items, leveling up Kiryu, playing mini-games, and more. In short, most things are done using money, so you should always have lots of it on hand. This Like A Dragon Gaiden guide discusses some effective methods to easily obtain a considerable amount of yen. If you want to be rich quickly, make sure to give it a read!

How To Make Money Fast In Like A Dragon Gaiden

If you want to make good money in Like A Dragon Gaiden, you will need to perform many activities: killing enemies, participating in battles, completing missions, and much more. Below are listed some of the most effective ways to earn money:

Coliseum 3

  • Participate In The Coliseum: Like every other game in the Yakuza game series, Like A Dragon Gaiden features a Coliseum where players can battle against robust enemies in Hell Rumble events to make a decent amount of money. You can easily find this fighting arena while exploring the Castle. Here, you will face enemies depending upon your rank, meaning the higher your rank is, the more complex the fight becomes and the more money you obtain on winning. So, keep defeating enemies until your last breath and you can make a lot of Yen here.

Street Thugs

  • Take On Street Thugs: While exploring the Sotenbori district, you will encounter people wandering around. Among them, you will meet groups of people, also called Street Thugs, who will try to fight and kill you. The good part of this situation is you can make a large amount of money upon defeating them. However, the money received might not be enough for everything you want to buy, as the rewards will often be little compared to how much you can earn while participating in the Coliseum. 

Golden Ball

  • Finish Akame Network Jobs: After unlocking the Akame Network, you will be assigned various jobs(quests) that you can participate in and complete to receive intriguing rewards, including money. One of the quests, Gotta Catch em’ Balls, is a good bet for earning decent money, as the final reward can be upwards of one million Yen. In the quest, you just need to find 7 Golden Balls scattered around different locations and give them to a person, Shen San. In return, he will let you make a Wish fora large amount of Yen. (Here’s a quick guide to the 7 Golden Ball locations)

That concludes this guide to making money fast in Like A Dragon Gaiden. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Also, let us know in the comments if you need any specific guide regarding this game. And make sure to stay tuned to GameLuster for more upcoming Like A Dragon Gaiden guides!

 Like A Dragon Gaiden is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.


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