Limbo developers new game Inside will be released on June 29th

Independent gem Limbo was released made free on the Xbox One for a previously unexplained reason, as it turns out this was a promotion of sorts for developer Playdead’s new game. The new game is titled Inside and similar to Limbo is a mysterious adventure that begs you to play it and unravel the worlds mystery.

Inside will be released on the Xbox One and Steam on June 29th. A new trailer for the game was shown and lets just say I have no clue what is going on, and I am not certain whether that excites me or makes me pessimistic about this game. It certainly looks dark and interesting, and Playdead is apparently vary proud of this particular game so that says a lot, I guess you will just need to make up your own mind by watching the trailer below, and if possible explain to me what on earth is happening:

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