Stardew Valley is on its way to the Xbox One

Stardew Valley is quite an accomplishment on PC taking the love of classic Harvest Moon games and making a game that rivals the entire series is quite well done. It was revealed recently that Stardew Valley would be coming to consoles at some point, and today this was officially confirmed it was one of Microsoft’s most pleasant surprises.

The game will be coming to the Xbox One sometime in the future as was revealed during an Xbox One independent games sizzle reel, which also included the likes of Yooka-Laylee, Cuphead, Outlast 2 and even more. Stardew Valley is the most interesting of these titles and deserved to be noted as such, especially for how big it truly is.

We have no release date for Stardew Valley, and we have no knowledge of whether or not the game will include any additional features, but I think we can expect a good quality game no matter what. For the full sizzle reel you can watch that below:

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