Lord of the Rings Living Card Game Announced

Fantasy Flight Games has announced an upcoming living card game for The Lord of the Rings to be made by its new studio, Fantasy Flight Interactive. The game company has previously released physical board games, roleplaying and card games set in Game of Thrones, Star Wars and more.

The LOTR Living Card Game features a story-based campaign for single players and a co-op mode that allows you to journey with others. Instead of pitting players against one another, as in traditional card games, you work together in the fight against the forces of Sauron.

Deck building and resource management will play huge roles, and each round contains planning and adventure phases.

The single-player-only early access version of the game will be available in the coming months for those who purchase at least one Founders Pack, which contain cards, in-game currency, avatars, and more. The full game, including co-op mode, will release during the first quarter of 2018 and be free to play.

Check out the Steam store page here and watch the trailer below to learn more.

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