Buying Barbie and Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue

This weekend, I had a friend’s little sister beg and plead for Barbie and Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue for Wii. And I’m talking about a full-blown meltdown right in GameStop. So my friend caved and bought this $20 game as an early Christmas present (she claimed). Her little sister left GameStop all smiles.

Once we arrived home, she immediately wanted to play the game. Take into account that she is 5 years old and can barely read. The three of us sit on the couch, watching her play. Barbie’s mode of transportation is a bike, and the objective in the game is to go find puppies in town and take them back to the vet and train or groom them. That is actually the whole game. We saved three puppies that night.

There is usually an arrow guiding you to where the dog is. You earn its trust by pressing certain buttons on the nunchuck or Wii remote, and then you put it in your bike basket and go back to the vet. And I’m pretty sure that is all you do.

We have yet to beat the game, and although it’s cool to ride your bike around town, it is nothing like Grand Theft Auto. You can’t beat people up or steal their cars.

The game does get a bit hard once you find the third dog because there are no arrows, so you’re forced to run around town and look for little hints. It’s basically like being a pet detective, groomer, trainer, and vet; this only some of what Barbie is known for. So, actually, this game is probably too difficult for kids, because even I had some trouble navigating the town.

Realize that this game is only $20 because it is Barbie, and should’ve been lower in price like DJ Hero.

Do not get this game. Only get it if you want to make fun of it, but even then you’ll get unnecessarily angry for not being able to find the puppies.

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