LucasArts Readying New Star Wars Game

Spike TV and LucasArts announced today is the day a new Star Wars game franchise would be unveiled on the channel’s Game Trailers show. Gameplay will occur on June 4 at E3.

Earlier this month Lucasfilm filed a trademark application and registered domain for Star Wars 1313, which many speculate will be the name of a new Star Wars franchise. The application covers a number of goods and services like interactive entertainment software, books, toy action figures, online social networking services, and interactive video games.

This upcoming game will be the latest to be created by LucasArts since that crap The Forced Unleashed 2. Hopefully it’s a little more Knights of the Old Republic. The sequel to it was pretty cool too. Anyway, I know I’ll be tuning in; hopeful that I will not be disappointed.

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