Dead Space 3 hasn’t been officiallly announed yet but there’s a mounting pile of information that suggests what Electronic Arts has been working on. It seems All Games Beta has gotten ahold of a total of 9 screen shots from the upcoming game, which allude to earlier rumors of co-op play and an icy planet as its setting. Here’s a little taste:

IGN reported earlier this month that another character will be making an introduction along side leading role Isaac Clarke. Players will be able to struggle, heal, and fight alongside a man with a prominent scar on his face, his own RIG, and glowing red eyes that show through his helmet. The description seems to fit the newly leaked pics. Other notable changes to the game include a slight reconfiguration of weapons like The Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle, Isaac’s new ability to crouch, and the fact that for the first time, human beings will be enemies that must be killed.


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