Mario is coming in your happy meal soon.

Video Game’s first and most popular mascot will be featured alongside a bag of slice apples and a small jug of 1% milk. Yeah,that’s right,Mario is coming to your happy meals. Well…..only if your in the UK. It hasn’t been announced when you’ll be able to find the miniature Mario in your happy meals, but we suppose soon. It is also unclear if we’ll be able to see Mario toys hop into other countries. Hopefully sooner than we think. But don’t call out Nintendo saying they are sellout by allowing McDonald to offer the red hat plumber in kid’s meal yet.Nintendo and McDonald have done similar deals like does before in the past. (Like in Japan)

So if your in the UK and have a passionate hate against Mario and wish that his brother,Luigi,would get the spotlight. Instead of taking out all your rage on a toy,you should hit a brother up by sending me one. I real don’t want to buy one from eBay or have to take a trip to the UK. Please.

Mario supports obesity.


Source: Nintendo Life

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