Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Support 40 FPS Mode At Launch

Insomniac Games, the developer behind Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, has confirmed that the web-swinging sequel will launch with an exclusive 40 FPS mode additional to the standardised 30 and 60 FPS settings.

Speaking via X (formerly Twitter), James Stevenson, the community director with Insomniac Games, revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would feature “30 FPS, 40 FPS, and 60 FPS” modes with ray tracing as standard.

In a hands-on, pre-launch interview with IGN for Spider-Man 2, Mike Fitzgerald, the Director of Core Technology at Insomniac, said there would be “no mode of this game that has the ray tracing turned off, no need for it.”

“We’ve really figured out how to deliver what we feel like is the right Spider-Man visuals and we want to make sure every player is seeing that.” Fitzgerald added.

Previously, the studio had developed Fidelity Mode, which supported 4K and ray-tracing. Alternatively, there was a performance mode that rendered the game at a lower resolution and removed ray-traced reflections.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. (Pic: Insomniac Games).

The Performance RT Mode, a hybrid of the two, was later installed “to be the best of both” and now operates as “a baseline performance mode” for Spider-Man 2, a sequel with an option to slow down combat and a bigger city.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to launch on the Playstation 5 on October 20, 2023, so mark it in your calendars. Developed by Insomniac Games, the sequel will be published by Sony. 

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In other Marvel-related news, the runtime for The Marvels was leaked, suggesting the film could be the shortest in MCU history.

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