Starfield: How To Change Appearance & Name

Starfield boasts a great character creation feature that you can use to create your ideal protagonist. However, if you somehow find yourself regretting your initial decisions, don’t worry! Unlike most titles, this game allows you to change your established character’s appearance and name any time you like. If you’re curious, you can read this guide to find out how to do it!

Starfield Changing Appearance & Name Guide

You can change your character’s appearance and name by visiting an Enhance! shop in any major city. The first big settlement you will visit is New Atlantis on Jemison, and you can find this cosmetic store in the Commercial District. It is located near the Galbank branch, and you’ll find a bright banner with a woman’s face beside the entrance. 

A man named Warner Connel will stand behind the desk, and you can select the “[Pay 500 Credits] I’d like to make use of your services” dialogue to open the character creation screen. Here are all the things you can alter at an Enchance! shop:

  • Body Shape
  • Body Type
  • Walk Style
  • Skin Tone
  • Facial Appearance
  • Name
  • Pronoun

Starfield Enhance Character Creation

Do note that you can only change your name and pronoun after you’re done altering your appearance. You’ll need to press the Finish option at the bottom right of your screen to bring out the Profile screen. If you just want to change your character’s appearance but not your name, you can immediately select Confirm.

If you just want to change your clothing, you can select new outfits through the Apparel section in the Inventory screen. You can also visit various general or clothing stores on different planets to buy new garments.

Unfortunately, although you can change almost everything about your character, you can’t alter your background or traits at an Enhance! shop. The former cannot be changed at all, and the latter can only be altered by speaking to certain people. For instance, you can remove the Spaced trait by visiting a surgery center and paying 10,000 Credits.

That is the end of our guide on how to change your appearance and name in Starfield. Before leaving GameLuster, consider reading other articles, such as how to find the Apollo 11 landing site.

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