Massive Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Update Adds New Characters And More

The Grand Prix season may be over, but new content has been released for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fuelled. This includes the ‘Beenox Pack’, a gift of thanks to the players during the Grand Prix season. This includes five new characters, more cosmetics and new challenges to race against. To claim the pack, all players need to do is simply download the latest update.

There will be new challenges available, as well as the chance to compete against the best Time Trial scores set by the Beenox Team. Plus, there’s a secret ‘crate’ character to unlock, and a chance for players to explore new content in the Pit Stop. There are also Beenox themed skins, wheels, karts, and paint jobs. Better still, there’s an automatic unlock for characters Crunch and Geary, who will, later on, receive his own legendary skin for the first time.

Crash Team Racing New Beenox Pack Content Released
“Fixed Rilla Roo” is a completely new character, not just a skin for Rilla Roo. (Picture: Activision).

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled offers new Ghost Times to beat in the Time Trial Mode, set by the Beenox team themselves. In beating these times, Legendary wheels are available. In addition, if the Oxide and Velo times are beaten, new signature decals and a Champion Kart become available. The content will be automatically unlocked if a player has already trumped these times.

CTR: Nitro-Fueled offers five new characters, two new karts, options for kart customization and Legendary Skins in the pit stop.The new characters include baby versions of Neo Cortex and N. Tropy, the Lab Assistant, the ‘crate’ character, and finally “fixed Rilla Roo” – a new version of a preexisting character. This is a reference for the most dedicated fans who remember Rilla Roo’s original design in the 2000 party game, Crash Bash. 

Crash Team Racing New Beenox Pack Content Released
Baby versions of N. Tropy and Neo Cortex are now unlockable racers, as well as the Lab Assistant. (Picture: Activision).

He’ll be available in the Pit Stop rotation for those who’ve not unlocked him yet, and those who own the old version will receive the “fixed” one immediately. Items from the previous Grand Prix seasons remain accessible from the Pit Stop. CTR: Nitro-Fueled also offers an audio experience, with each track’s soundtrack available via the options menu.

Grand Prix challenges will be replaced with Wumpa Challenges. These rotate daily, weekly and monthly, offering Wumpa coins for the Pit Stop in exchange for completing certain tasks. The ‘Ghost Hunt’ challenges return to Nina’s Nightmare Track and the Golden Wumpa Challenge is set to stay. For more information, check out the Activision Games Blog.

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