Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Chapter 2 Mystery Labyrinth Solutions

Case three / Chapter 2 of Spike Chunsoft’s Master Detective Archives: Rain Code sees Yuma Kokohead team up with Disguise Detective Desuhiko Thunderbolt to solve an onstage murder at an elite girls’ school. As in the previous two cases, Yuma and Desuhiko must journey alongside the god Shinigami into the Mystery Labyrinth in order to reveal the truth of the case. This guide will cover the solution to every puzzle featured in the Mystery Labyrinth in Rain Code’s Chapter 2: A Silent Curtain Call.

This guide contains SPOILERS for Chapter 2 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Part 1: Howdunnit

2023070112215300 s

As soon as you enter the Labyrinth, Peacekeeper Martina Electro will insist that the victim, Karen, simply committed suicide. Use the X button to Repel her statement “It’s clear who the culprit is” – in fact it’s not clear at all! When Martina insists that the murder happened “at the moment she [Karen] mixed the poison,” rebut with “chemistry lab poison.” The poison neutralizes after 30 minutes, while the death happened 45 minutes into the play.

Then, the late Karen herself will appear and challenge you to a Reasoning Death Match. She will also say it is suicide, and claim “I put poison in the vial.” Slash that away with “Poison Vial,” as the vial was completely dry and thus could not have contained poison. Once it’s established that Karen could not have committed suicide, three doors appear, each referencing part of how the crime was committed. You can tackle these doors in any order – you do not have to follow the order used in this guide.

How Was The Glass Selected?

2023070113002100 s

In this path, you must identify how Karen was instructed to drink from the poisoned glass, when two glasses were on the table and both had been shuffled multiple times. A series of multiple-choice questions will come at you quickly, and you must answer before time runs out. The questions and answers are provided below:

  • Who shuffled the glasses during the Duel of Poisoned Cups? Waruna and Karen (This and the below answers were all observed by Yuma watching the play)
  • Who chose a glass first? Karen
  • Which glass had poison? The glass Karen chose
  • Did Waruna know which glass had poison? No (Karen shuffled the glasses second, so there is no way Waruna could know)

2023070112524100 s

Next, you will enter Spot Selection and be asked to identify what was used to point out the poisoned glass. Scroll up and select the Spotlight above the stage. When asked who directed Karen to the poisoned glass, choose Kurane, who was manning the lights.

Finally, you must fight a Reasoning Death Match against the other two suspects, Yoshiko and Waruna. They try to accuse Kurane of being behind it all – but that can’t be right! Contradict “you slipped the poison in the glass” with “Lighting Staff Testimony,” which states that Kurane never left the catwalk above the stage. With the mystery still not fully solved, use Shinigami’s Zoom spell to return and pick another door.

How Was The Poison Brought To The Theater?

2023070113085200 s

Once again, as soon as you pass through the door, rapid-fire questions will begin appearing. Answer them correctly while avoiding wrong answers. The correct answers to each question are listed below:

  • What was used to transport the poison? Paintbrush (the brush was damp)
  • What was poison brushed onto? Glass (The poison had to be on the glass, because both girls drank the juice and only Karen died)
  • What happened to the poisoned glass? Switched with used glass (Prop master established there were extra glasses)
  • Who could have brought the poison to the stage? Yoshiko (She was in the audience and could move freely)
  • What was the glass put in? A pouch (Yoshiko always wears a pouch around her waist)

2023070113150200 s

All three suspects will appear for the battle this time, with Kurane and Waruna insisting Yoshiko worked alone. However, their reasoning is flawed – they say she could have switched the glasses during the blackout. Respond with “Yoshiko’s Actions” – the blackout lasted only five seconds, she could not have reached the stage in this time. Zoom back to the start as the mystery deepens further.

How Was The Poison Mixed Into The Glass?

2023070113191000 s

For the third time, you will start out with a barrage of quick questions. The correct answers are below:

  • When was the glass set on stage? Before the play (The prop master confirmed this)
  • When was the poison placed in the glass? During the play (It only worked for 30 minutes, so this must be true)

There’s no need to select a culprit – Waruna was the only one onstage and able to move the glasses during the play. Waruna then appears for a Reasoning Death Match, where she accuses the other two girls. First, she insists that Yoshiko shot the poison into the glasses with a water gun. Repel this with “Wine glasses,” as the glasses were upside down until the duel. Then, she accuses Kurane of dripping the poison into the glasses. Once again, utilize “Lightning Staff Testimony,” which proves Kurane was not alone on the catwalk.

2023070113224200 s

Yoshiko then joins the battle, again trying to claim that Waruna acted alone. She claims that Waruna brought the poison onstage in the pocket of her costume – but this can’t be true. Use the Costume Testimony to contradict this – the costumes were not meddled with before the show. But, even after clearing all three doors, the mystery still remains, so Zoom back to the start once more.

Part 2: Whydunnit

2023070113382400 s

Yuma and Desuhiko, realizing that the Howdunnit routes did not solve the mystery, decide to pursue the killer’s motive instead. To do this, they must prove that the “suicide” of theater club member Aiko six months ago was in fact a homicide. They do so with yet another set of rapid-fire questions. Answers are provided below:

  • Was Aiko’s death suicide or homicide? Homicide
  • Where was Aiko murdered? Flower bed (there was a large bloodstain there)
  • What weapon was used to kill Aiko? Brick (one of the bricks had a distinctive bloodstain)
  • Who killed Aiko? Karen (Karen testified that she “heard” Aiko jump from the roof, so she clearly lied)

2023070113481200 s

So, revenge on Aiko’s killer is the motive – but no girl could have done it alone. Use the Shinigami Puzzle to spell out what the killer had: AC-CO-MP-LI-CE. Use Zoom one last time to reveal a final route by visiting each route one more time.

  • First, choose How was the poison brought to the theater hall? Yoshiko poisoned the glass and then handed it to Waruna, who was onstage.
  • Next, choose How was the poisoned glass chosen? State once again that Kurane used the spotlight, as proven earlier.
  • Finally, a new question will pop up, Who murdered Karen? Select Yoshiko, Waruna, and Kurane, as all three were part of the murder plot.

2023070113592800 s

During the GOD Shinigami Rush mini-game, use X, Y, and A to dodge all obstacles in your way. Each girl will interject claiming she had no friendship with Aiko, but this can be disproved as each had a photo with Aiko in their locker. Use Yoshiko’s Photo, Waruna’s Photo, and Kurane’s Photo in that order. Then, the three pieces of evidence will combine into Group Photo, which you can use to destroy the final obstacle.

Part 3: Deduction Denouement

2023070114071300 s

As with the previous two cases, A Silent Curtain Call ends with a Deduction Denouement, in which you must fill in a comic book adaptation of the crime. All questions and answers in this section are provided below in the order they appear:

  • What weapon did Karen use? Brick
  • What was Aiko’s death disguised as? Suicide by Jumping
  • Where was Yoshiko headed? Chem Lab
  • What did Yoshiko apply to the glass? Poison
  • What did Waruna do? Swapped Glasses
  • What did Kurane use to guide Karen? Spotlight
  • Why did Karen take the poisoned glass? Note in Script
  • For whom did they commit the crime? Aiko

2023070114105900 s

With this, Yuma correctly identifies the three murderers in Chapter 2 and the Mystery Labyrinth crumbles as the truth is revealed. As you continue to progress through Master Detective Archives: Rain Code’s many tricky cases, make sure to check out GameLuster’s other Mystery Labyrinth guides to solve every puzzle with ease!

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