Spike Chunsoft Reveals New Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Characters

Publisher Spike Chunsoft is returning to the mystery genre with Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, an adventure game written by Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka. Previous trailers revealed that the game, which will release on June 30, will star amnesiac detective Yuma Kokohead and his partner Shinigami as they work together to solve tricky crimes in a rain-swept city.

Now, Spike Chunsoft has revealed six of Yuma’s allies, all Master Detectives employed by the Nocturnal Detective Agency in Kanai Ward. Not only is each new character a brilliant detective, but they also possess a special ability called a Forensic Forte that can be used to assist in crime-solving. With the wide variety of abilities available, Master Detective Archives promises to add a unique twist to the mystery-solving genre.

Vivia in his usual state of repose.

The first of the six characters introduced is Vivia Twilight, a somewhat lazy fellow who is described as having a “decadent air” about him. He can detach from his own body to create a “ghost form” that can walk through walls and is invisible to the normal eye. Contrasting the luxurious Vivia is Aphex Logan, a mask-wearing man with a rough upbringing. Aphex can detect all living beings within a 50-meter radius – which isn’t always a good thing, because he often immediately reacts with violence rather than logic or negotiation.

The oldest member of the team is Zange Eraser, who is close-lipped about his mysterious past. Zange uses his “Thoughtography” ability to save his memories on smart phones and other electronic devices. The Agency also has much younger members than the grizzled Zange, such as the flirtatious Desuhiko Thunderbolt, a master of disguise with a weakness for pretty women.

Zilch Alexander, although he looks rather intimidating at first glance, is a nature-loving soul who can control animals, allowing him to investigate in small or secret areas that would be out of reach for other humans. Finally, rounding out the team is Halara Nightmare, a woman with a mercenary outlook who won’t take on any job unless payment is offered. Halara’s ability, Postcognition, definitely sounds like it will be especially useful – she can recreate how a crime scene appeared when it was originally discovered, potentially removing obstacles such as unnecessary footprints or fingerprints that could contaminate the scene.

Halara doesn’t work for free!

All six of these characters will be debuting alongside Yuma Kokohead and Shinigami on June 30 for the Nintendo Switch. Both a Collector’s Edition and a Standard Edition are currently available for pre-order. The Collector’s Edition comes with all sorts of goodies including an art book, a soundtrack CD, and a plush version of Shinigami.

Which of these new Master Detective Archives: Rain Code characters are you most excited to meet? Comment below and let us know!

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