Meet Miles Morales’ Adorable Sidekick “Spider-Cat”

Adorable animal sidekicks make any game better – and the upcoming web-slinging adventure Spider-Man: Miles Morales is no exception. A recent video posted by gaming news source GameInformer on October 14 officially reveals that Miles will be aided in his crime-fighting endeavors by a purr-fectly heroic pal: Spider-Cat!

Check out the world’s very first look at Spider-Cat in the trailer below:


In the game, Spider-Cat is a former bodega (neighborhood grocery / convenience store) cat who is rescued from burglars and then adopted by Miles. Miles is drawn to the cute little feline when he finds out that his former owner had also named him “Spider-Man,” after Miles’ very own superhero alter ego. Although adopting Spider-Cat is technically an optional side quest, it’s likely that many players will make obtaining this adorable ally a high priority during their own play-throughs.

Once Miles has adopted his new pal, players will unlock a brand new version of the classic Spider-Man suit, featuring the titular hero wearing a cool hoodie and sporting a backpack. Inside the pack is none other than Spider-Cat – complete with a tiny Spider-Man mask of his own! – who will be able to pop out during combat and aid Miles by scratching at enemies with his claws. An animal sidekick that’s cute AND useful? It doesn’t get better than that!

Fans on social media have reacted quite positively to this reveal, using the hashtag #SpiderCat to express their enthusiasm and support for Miles’ new feline buddy. Although the game isn’t even out yet, it certainly seems like Spider-Cat will be a popular character and a key element of many players’ combat styles.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales releases on November 12 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Pre-orders are available now.

How excited are you to recruit and fight alongside Spider-Cat? Let us know in the comments below!

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