A First Look at the PlayStation 5 UI

The PlayStation 5 is less than a month away – the highly anticipated next generation console officially releases on November 12. With the console’s debut date fast approaching, Sony has given fans to a first look at the console’s user interface – featuring plenty of unexpected tricks and new surprises.

You can take a look at the UI in the 11-minute State of Play video released by Sony earlier today:

The PlayStation 5’s UI features significant differences when compared to Sony’s previous consoles. Each game is given its own “hub” on the UI, which uses a “Cards” system to highlight points where players can enter the game directly from the home screen. Also present are “Activities” – special Cards which show off challenges that players can complete and rewards that they can earn. You can also see how close you are to completing each challenge. The 11-minute video shows off some Activities for upcoming PS5 title Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Another new element is the Control Center, a menu which collects a ton of useful functions into one convenient location. Via the Control Center, players can adjust console volume, manage controller settings, watch their friends stream, and even share screenshots and videos (plus, these screenshots and videos are all taken in crisp HD quality). The Control Center can also be used to view helpful, spoiler-free videos whenever you get stuck in a game.

Finally, the PlayStation 5 has added one quality-of-life element which PS4 players have been asking for for years: the addition of the PlayStation Store as a fully integrated part of the console’s software, rather than a separate application. Now, rather than having to separately download and access the PlayStation Store, gamers can quickly and easily access it whenever they like.

What do you think about the PlayStation 5’s brand new UI? Let us know!

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