Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection: All Program Advances In Battle Network 6

It’s been a long road, or maybe a very short one if you’re playing the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and simply jump straight to Mega Man Battle Network 6, but either way, you’ve finally reached the last adventure through the cyberworld with Lan and MegaMan.EXE. Lan may have thought his troubles were over after moving to Cyber City, but when WWW begins stirring up trouble once again, who else could stop them?

At this point in the series, the gameplay has been polished to a sheen, including the Program Advances. As usual, there will be a mixture of returning ones, altered ones, and brand new moves to blast those viruses off the net. Let’s run through them all!

All Mega Man Battle Network 6 Program Advances In Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Mega Man Battle Network 6 program
Mega Man Battle Network 6 program

As we always do in our Program Advance guides in the Mega Man Battle Network series, let’s start out by getting the returning functions from Mega Man Battle Network 5 out of the way. We have quite a few familiar moves here, but with a couple of tweaks to their code we’ll fill you in on:

Returning and Changed Program Advances

  • Great Yo-Yo: No changes
  • Pit Hockey: No changes.
  • Giga Cannon 1, 2, and 3: The attack now causes a 3X3 explosion upon impact.
  • Time Bomb +: Now uses TimeBom1 x3 (F+G+H) or TimeBom2 x3 (C+D+E) or TimeBom3 (L+M+N).
  • Hyper Burst: Now uses Spreadr1 x3 (L+M+N) or Spreadr2 x3 (A+B+C) or Spreadr3 x3 (Q+R+S).
  • Poison Pharoh: Now uses PoisSeed P + PoisSeed P + Anubis P.
  • Body Guard: Now uses AntiNavi  + AntiSword  + AntiDmg.

New Program Advances

Mega Man Battle Network 6 program
Mega Man Battle Network 6 program

It’s sad to say it, but here is the final set of new Program Advances added to the Mega Man Battle Network series. Since it’s likely the last time we’ll see these moves, send them off right by trying them all out!

  • Wide Burner 1,2, and 3: FireBrn1 x3, FireBrn2 x3, and FireBrn3 x3. Fires a large FireBurn.
  • Flame Hook 1, 2, and 3: FireHit1 x3, FireHit2 x3, and FireHit3 x3. Creates two massive flaming fists to punch enemies.
  • Power Wave 1, 2, and 3: WaveArm1 x3, WaveArm2 x3, and WaveArm3 x3. Shoots a shockwave in a V shape at the enemy.
  • Corn Fiesta: CornSht1 x3 (J+K+L) or CornSht2 x3 (C+D+E) or CornSht3 x3 (P+Q+R). Shots randomly hit in a 3X3 area next to MegaMan that deal damage and also create grass panels.
  • Parallel Shell: IronSh1l1 x3 (J+K+L) or IronShl2 (C+D+E) or IronShl3 (L+M+N). Calls three IronShells at the back of each row that press forward to the enemy side.
  • Destroy Pulse: ElcPuls1 J + ElcPuls2 J + ElcPuls3 J. Shoots a red ElectricPulse in a T formation from MegaMan that pierces invincibility and causes paralysis, blind, and HP Drain Bug.
  • Stream Head: AuraHed1 x3 (B+C+D) or AuraHed2 (D+E+F) or AuraHed3 (F+G+H). Shoots five AuraHeads in a straight line that pierces enemies and deals Breaking damage.
  • Super Spread: WideSht x3 (P+Q+R). MegaMan shoots three WideShots that pierces enemies and deals Aqua damage.
  • Life Sword: Sword + WideSwrd + LongSwrd (all in the same code) or Sword * + WideBlde B + LongBlde B. Swings a sword that hits two columns ahead.
  • Double Hero: WideBlde B + LongBlde B + ProtoMnSP B. MegaMan and ProtoMan team up and hit every enemy on the field 10 times.
  • Darkness: VDoll F + VDoll F + Bass F (Gregar)/BassAnly F (Falzar). MegaMan’s shadow appears and shoots a Flame Breath dealing Fire damage. Bass follows up with a sword attack.
  • Master Cross: FireHit3 A + AquaNdl3 A + ElcPuls3 A + RskyHny3 A. MegaMan splits into three copies that attack in a cross pattern five times before combining and dealing one final attack.
  • Sun and Moon: Meteors R + Atk+30 * + Uninstall R. MeteorRedSUn appears and shoots five smaller meteors three panels ahead, shoots a laser in the same area that pierces invincibility, then finally crashes into the enemy field in a 3X3 area that cracks all panels.
  • Twin Leaders: ColonelSP C + AntiNavi  + ProtoMan or ProtoManSP B + AntiNavi  + Colonel. ProtoMan and Colonel join the fight and attack with a sword slash and X-shaped Screen Divider respectively.
  •  Cross Over: Django D + DjangoV2 D + DjangoV3 D. Django replaces MegaMan and uses his Gun del Sol to hit two columns ahead while MegaMan fires from the enemy side in the opposite direction. The two then meet in the middle and perform a cross slash.

And with that, your program knowledge is fully up to date! If you happen to be going in a unique order, or plan on replaying any of the other games, we’ve got all the Program Advances in the older Mega Man Battle Network titles for you to see!