Memorable Gaming Quotes: Bioshock 2

When it comes to the Bioshock franchise people who have played them usually have a lot of love for the original game, as well as certain respect for Infinite, but then they look down at Bioshock 2. I have never understood why this is, in nearly every way Bioshock 2 improved over the original game, and Bioshock Infinite is brilliant though I hold a higher regard for the second game. There are many reasons for this but I think the strongest in my books has to be the characters, the questions of morality and the things the characters say. Bioshock 2 is easily one of the most memorable games I have come across for its quotes, whether they be truly heartfelt or just an overall great line.
For this instance I think the strongest one I want to discuss today is one of the truest lines I have come across during Bioshock 2, the deepest thought which closes one of Bioshock 2’s ending in a truly deep and heartfelt manner. I of course refer to the games neutral ending and the special bond that the main characters Delta and Eleanor share (I would say protagonist but I don’t actually consider either as a protagonist). Bioshock 2 has many great moments all of which lead up to one final truly heartbreaking scenes in the game, should the player choose to go down the path of both good and evil it causes a rift in the end decision. After rescuing Eleanor and dealing with all the tough moments that follow you are left to a final moment, your link to Eleanor has been severed, you are dying, and you are barely holding on. You have killed people in cold blood, but also spared some without a reason, and this leads to the neutral ending.

As you lay dying Eleanor offers you a choice, she could save you but as you lie there she says “if you held any regret’s, any doubts I would have to let you go” (at a later date I will explore the reason why I think the neutral ending is the game’s best ending). By choosing to sacrifice yourself and die you are treated to a truly sad moment as Eleanor drags you out next to the water to stare off at the lighthouse and the sun, it’s a somber sequence filled with as much hope and happiness as really deep sadness. After some deeps thoughts from Eleanor Delta dies resulting in one of the most powerful lines in the entire game:

And Father wherever you are I miss you.

Eleanor Lamb, Bioshock 2, 2010

This lines tops off a truly powerful and sombre moment as Eleanor’s voice echoes across the ocean like a timeless call out to someone who meant a lot and left. Is some ways this feels like a recording that ends a long standing narration as Eleanor talks about the final moments, as Delta dies he goes to another place and she cries out that he is gone. If you further think about this line holds even more meaning, Eleanor spends years trying to bring Delta back after he is killed at the start of the game and during this time she undergoes some serious changes and problems, and she needed her father. The whole Delta and Eleanor thing was never supposed to happen but yet it did, there bond carried on through the years he was gone and when new life was given Delta took the desperate struggle to fight his way through Rapture all to help Eleanor, all to be back together. All through his adventure she was there connected to him, seeing the world through his eyes and in a way being his guide, he fought the real problems, he looks death in the face constantly and still fights on all to be back together with Eleanor.

This line really closes the book on their story in this particular timeline, in gives Delta a chance at redemption as he sacrifices himself after going through everything to save Eleanor and give her the freedom she never got. Delta may not be perfect in this story but he was meaningful, he meant something to Eleanor and fought the world all to see her face and see her smile, and because this Eleanor will never forget Delta and forever will miss him. Going back to that quote Eleanor’s words about missing Delta will forever ripple like a voice in the night as it plays out her somber ending and the way she must go forward alone without the one who gave everything he had to be with her and save her.

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