Memorable Gaming Quotes – Borderlands 2

Ordinarily I would reflect on a quote and remember it for reasons of philosophical boundaries, in the past I have done this a lot but this does not always need to be the case. While honestly thought provoking quotes are fun to talk about and are great for many hours of pointless quality discussion, sometimes it is nice to relax and think about these quotes that are memorable for different reasons. For me if the quote is not intelligent I don’t tend to provide further thought, but this was prior to Borderlands 2 which showed how quotes can be memorable simply because they are funny.

In Borderlands 2 there are so many incredibly funny quotes and moments, and these are things that really get stuck in your head. Quotes in this game are rarely intelligent and honestly are just plain stupid, but it is the silly nature which makes Borderlands 2 one of the most refreshing games around. Now I could choose any number of quotes from the game to talk about, but the one I want to share today is one that is so random it is honestly hilarious.

In the Thousand Cuts area of the game you will eventually stumble upon a random psycho standing off on his own. This psycho offers us a quick and really unforgettable quest, his request to us is simply:

“Shoot me in the face”

Random Psycho, Borderlands 2, 2012

In itself the mission is short and hilarious but the lasting memory is born from this very quote, in the game prior to this moment we have encountered no shortage of psychotic beings. We have seen many ask you to burn them in a fire or do a variety of other stupid tasks, but it is this psycho who towers above the rest.

In this case he lives up to the enemy types name by his very request, it is psycho and even hours or months after finishing the game the sound of this guy’s voice crying out to be shot in the face still makes me chuckle. There is no philosophical reason though for his guy’s decision beyond his yearning to feel the sting of a quick death, and there is no real deep thought to this either.

Sometimes there is no need to think too deeply and these rare quotes that are honestly funny are simply that, they are memorable because I remember them so well and am amused by them. However there is one more quote in Borderlands 2 I want to note here which is again just a funny line of dialogue which I use repeatedly when I play varying games including Fallout 4.

Towards the end of the game you are requested to go find some information on a character by the name of T.K Baha who appeared in the original Borderlands. Upon finding a secret ladder in his house we are asked to find some voice recordings which tells of Baha’s story, the first quote isn’t the funny or memorable part but is part of the setup:

“Welp, first day on Pandora. Wife’s not too happy about the move, but I’m sure things’ll be alright. This here is the beginnin’ of our new life!”

This line sets up the story of T.K Baha but ends with a sad but somewhat funny follow up that is short and sweet:

“Welp, my wife’s dead.”

I shouldn’t laugh at death but with the way he says it and moves on it is funny and it really memorable. There is no reason beyond this for why I like it other than it is catchy, memorable and a funny line to throw out in any game whether dramatic or comedic. In a sense it is the line before this last quote that is the reason I remember the line most fondly, and this is because the irony in his words that things will be alright when next we hear that his wife is dead.

Borderlands 2 has many great quotes but these two are the ones that I remember the most fondly, they are amusing and just all around great quotes that show how funny and insane the writers at Gearbox are. These just leaves me wondering what other quotes are around that are memorable for non-philosophical or thought provoking reasons, I might have to explore these in the future.

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