Gears of War 4 features a minor form of a content censor

Swearing is easily one of the most pointless things in this world, the language is unnecessary to life and just something people do for the sake of it. In life is bad enough but in videogames I have often questioned the point in it being used in the game, thankfully a rare few games do include content sensors. This is an idea that should be included in almost every game, and thankfully it is included in the upcoming Gears of War 4 like previous games although only in its weakest form.

During an interview with Game Informer Gears of War developer The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson talked about deciding how the studio goes about censoring its own content, Fergusson shared:

“Gore is important for obvious reasons, and swearing is too,” said Fergusson. “…generally what we tend to do is take the hardest of the hard off because we didn’t want to ‘over-bleepify’ our game… We tend to look at what’s on radio and we tend to go a bit further than that.”

“Basically, it’s anything around the work f**k tends to get turned off. I tend to keep the s**ts, I tend to keep the b***h, tend to keep goddammits, that kind of stuff, just because it speaks to the characters.” Fergusson continued “when you turn the mature language off, you’re basically not going to hear the word f**k anymore.”

The only unfortunate part is that the entire game has not been censored, and in turn every word that is deemed as language was not removed, although this brings up a greater question of why on earth is it there in the first place? It is simply pointless and an honestly dumb decision.

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