Lucas comes out of nowhere to return to Super Smash Brothers in June as a paid downloadable content

I have never been a fan of Ness in Super Smash Brothers, I don’t why it is just how I feel, I was pleased when Lucas was brought in Brawl as he felt like Ness done better, I was then saddened when Lucas did not return for the latest game. However during today’s Nintendo Direct Satoru Iwata did state that there was quite a number of fan requests for Lucas to return and so thanks to that Mother 3’s Lucas has returned for the battle. Lucas received a new trailer today and based on that it would seem he mantain’s the same moveset that he had in Brawl, however some of the visual effects have seen an alteration. It has been mentioned that Lucas will be arriving in June, though we have not received a price point or any mention of whether anything else might be involved with his return. You can watch the trailer for everyone’s favorite character Lucas who came out of nowhere below:

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