MicroProse Returns With Three New Games

For gamers of a certain age, the name MicroProse holds a special place in their memories. Initially founded in 1982 by Sid Meier and William “Wild Bill” Stealy, it was the premier studio for all manner of strategy games and flight simulators.  Virtually every game Meier created before founding Firaxis was initially published under the MicroProse label, as well legendary flight simulator Falcon 4.0 and the X-COM series.

Now, almost twenty years after their last published title, MicroProse has returned with an opening slate of games that look to re-establish their position as the go-to name in strategy games.

Task Force Admiral places you in the shoes of a US Navy admiral during the first year of the Pacific theatre during WWII. Featuring fully detailed and historically accurate vehicle models, over 30 historical and hypothetical missions, as well as a mission editor to let you create your scenarios, Task Force Admiral stakes out a place as a high-end naval strategy simulation.

Sea Power turns the clock ahead to the Cold War, and a premise echoing an old MicroProse title, Red Storm Rising. Playing as either NATO or Warsaw Pact forces, you must detect and engage the enemy fleet while keeping your forces hidden, as well as following rules of engagement to avoid escalating the situation further. Air, surface and submarine forces are yours to command as well as neutralize.

Second Front eschews the high gloss of the other titles and goes for deep gameplay. Take control of Allied and Axis forces across several campaigns, or jump into the scenario editor and create “what if?” campaigns of your own. Deep AI promises to give players a challenge with emergent behaviors instead of scripted events, while a well supported UI lets players manage their forces and plan their strategies quickly.

The home page for MicroProse promises further announcements shortly, but for the next second, it’s enough to say they’re back.

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