Microsoft has temporarily reduced the price of the Xbox One Kinect bundle and Kinect

The Kinect is not exactly a big part of the Xbox One experience of late, while originally it was a mandatory part of the console these days it has pretty much become a pointless accessory. Even still selected bundles are still offering players the opportunity to get the Kinect and at a cheaper price, Microsoft has confirmed that they are dropping the price of the Xbox One Kinect bundle for a limited time.

As of today, the Xbox One Kinect bundle will sell for $399 US dollars as part of the new promotion. Meanwhile, if you already own an Xbox One you will be able to pick up the Kinect for a reduced price of $99 US dollars, again this is for a limited time.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson had this to say in a post on his blog:

“Nearly half of Xbox One owners are using Kinect today, and across the Xbox fan base, Kinect sensor owners are regularly among those reporting the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

“We are also continuing to invest in Kinect, and are looking forward to launching the Cortana personal assistant on Xbox One in 2016.”

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