Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been seen by many as an indication that Call of Duty will become an Xbox console exclusive. Speaking to the Same Brain podcast, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has said that the series will remain on PlayStation.

Spencer told podcast hosts Justine and Jenna Ezarik that “we’re not taking Call of Duty from PlayStation”, continuing with “as long as there is a PlayStation out there to ship to, our intent is that we continue to ship Call of Duty on PlayStation.” Spencer compares their approach with that of Minecraft, which is a Microsoft property but has become available on more platforms since acquisition, instead of less.

There has been a lot of discussion about the issue of Call of Duty leaving the PlayStation platform. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spoke last month about Microsoft’s acquisition, saying that all PlayStation has been offered is three more years of Call of Duty after the contract between Activision and Sony ends. The definitive nature of Spencer’s recent statements is new, and a considerable development in the ongoing debate.

Modern Warfare 2 screenshot showing a soldier wearing a skull hood aiming a gun in tall grass
The Call of Duty series is one of the most iconic in gaming history, and Microsoft insists it will stay on PlayStation.

Competition authorities around the world are currently scrutinising the Activision Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has expressed concern over the deal and its implication for competition. Microsoft swung back, calling out the CMA for relying on “self-serving statements by Sony.” In the same document, Microsoft argues that the importance of Call of Duty is exaggerated, and that PlayStation has the means to “competitively respond.”

It would be a good move for the Call of Duty series to remain on console, both for fans and for business. The latest series release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, had the biggest PlayStation Store launch of all time for the franchise. We can easily understand why, after we gave the game a brilliant 9 score in our review.

Are you convinced now that Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation consoles going forwards? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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