Minecraft Builder Creates Entire Earth – To Scale!

Feeling tired of staying home due to COVID-19 quarantines and social distancing? Itching to get outside and explore the world around you? Popular Minecraft YouTuber PippenFTS may be offering the next best thing.

PippenFTS claims to be the first-ever person to have successfully built a 1:1 scale model of the Earth using the beloved open-world game’s engine.

Due to Minecraft’s inherent limitations, the YouTuber made use of two mods: Cubic Chunks and Terra 1-to-1. The first changes the shape and size of Minecraft’s building blocks in order to surpass the game’s usual height limit of 255m. The second utilizes archived geographical date to create Earth’s natural terrain. As shown in a video on PippenFTS’ channel, released on March 21, 2020, Terra 1-to-1 has successfully reproduced such landmarks as the Grand Canyon and Mt. Everest.

However, the Minecraft content creator has run into a major problem: the mods’ inability to reproduce buildings and other human-created features, such as the Pyramids of Egypt. PippenFTS has responded to this by launching the “Build the Earth” project, in which Minecraft lovers around the world are encouraged to contribute to the project by creating monuments, skyscrapers, and even their hometown. In the end, the original creator will use map editors to “stitch” contributions together.

The project now has a Discord server and a dedicated subreddit to facilitate communication among participants, and a Patreon dedicated to raising funds for the project. More videos released by the content creator walk participants through downloading the necessary mods. Locations already contributed via “Build the Earth” include Manhattan’s skyline and PippenFTS’ hometown of Seattle.

The lack of buildings isn’t quite the only problem which the Minecraft Earth is experiencing. Because the game’s world is flat, open and infinite, the model of the Earth does not curve and additionally features no borders at its edges. Currently, if you visited PippenFTS’ Earth model, you could do what the explorers of old feared would happen and literally sail off the edge of the world.

While we’re all stuck in quarantine, why not check out the instructional videos and start contributing to the project? Together, we can build an Earth that we can explore while remaining at home and entirely socially distant from one another.

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